July 21, 2021

The mentors

The people of the organization who you will probably see most will be the mentors. The mentors will be your guides for the introduction week. Below you can find some descriptions of the mentors, you can also go to our instagram, here you will also find pictures of our lovely mentors.

Tommy and Noa

Tommy and Noa are both very social and outgoing. They hope to make enough babies together so that they can form their own football team, including the necessary substitutes. However, do not worry: they will not substitute any of their introduction kids. In fact, Noa says Tommy will form the glue of the group. Let’s just hope Tommy won’t get too clingy over time, as Noa already has her doubts about spending a whole day at the Efteling with Tommy… Fortunately, the introduction week will be a whole different rollercoaster, so we are sure Tommy and Noa will get through this together! 


Roos and Isabel

Roos and Isabel are the mentor couple that will only allow positive vibes during the introduction week. They are so positive, they could not even think of any negative characteristics that they have. The only negative thing about them will (hopefully) be their covid tests prior to the introduction week. These lovely ladies met through some mutual friends in their first year of uni and have experienced a lot together with this group ever since. However, this one-on-one experience of guiding their kids through the introduction week will really put their friendship to the test, hopefully resulting in an even stronger bond!


Harm and Renske

Harm and Renske are apparently crushing so hard on each other, they get nervous every time they hold hands. Who knew Tinder would bring us such a cute mentor couple?! After all, this is really how they met, although they might tell you they know each other from the Alcoholaat. Even though Harm does not want to put anymore kids on this deteriorating planet, he would love to adopt some introduction kids with Renske. Just be warned that sometimes Renske might not make it past their kid’s bedtime. Fortunately, Harm will always be there to make sure they will all go to bed safely! 


Shanna and Nolu
They call themselves the ‘Culture Couple’. Shanna and Nolu are the perfect blend of Asia and South Africa. Their kids will be in for a treat because both like good food. That will come in handy for the parties, as they also love vodka. They completely fell for each other when Nolu sat on the back of Shanna’s bike. How romantic! But for the introweek, Shanna will teach Nolu how to ride a bike in Amsterdam. This shows they really make each other better in the relationship. These ladies will make sure their kids are going to have the time of their lives in the introweek!


Eva and Mats

Something that Eva and Mats have in common is that they love to party. Therefore, choosing the most responsible person within this duo was a real hard one. To everybody’s surprise, Mats considers himself the most responsible parent. It does make sense, though, since he already has some experience with being a mentor, in contrast to Eva. From his experience he has, for example, already learned how not to lose his mentor partner ever again. Together with Eva’s readiness to always fight for her partner, this introduction week can definitely not go wrong for these two and their kids! 


Joost and Josie

Josie completely fell for Joost and his responsible character, until one day she saw him at the borrel take quite a lot of shots. Then she wasn’t so sure about that characteristic anymore, though it did make her love him even more. The first thing our super Dutch (I mean even his last name is ‘Hollander’) Joost said to our one-quarter English Josie was ‘Hi, my name is Joost and I just tested negative’ and the rest was history. Now, they will go on a mentor date where Joost will teach Josie how to milk a cow, isn’t that just lovely? 


Yu-Wen and Marik

Yu-Wen and Marik would do anything for each other. For example, Yu-Wen came to his interview all injured and with a bloodied T-shirt, after getting in a fight to protect Marik. Also, Yu-Wen preferably wants 2 kids, but he is willing to stretch it to 20 just to make Marik happy. Marik actually has not shown his dedication to Yu-Wen that much yet, but he did compliment Yu-Wen on his plants; he didn’t think of Yu-Wen as such a gardener. Let’s hope this seemingly one-sided relationship will blossom into reciprocal love during their mentor date!


Aafke and Claire

When Aafke decided on soaking up some culture on her (drinking) vacation in France after she graduated, she visited a monastery where she met a beautiful nun called Claire (a.k.a. 4-wine-Claire, just ask her the story behind this nickname yourself). One evening, Aafke slipped into Claire’s room – all nude, because Aafke likes being nude – and asked her to draw her like one of her French girls. From this moment on, they were madly in love with each other. Now, they want to take on the adventure of guiding their kids through the introduction week! 


Windy and Paul

Up until their interview, Windy and Paul had actually never seen each other sober. This raised the question whether they would still like each other this way. Fortunately, they clicked right away (although that might be mainly because Paul had brought his dog to the interview, which Windy could not stop giving attention). Apart from having a good connection (both drunk and sober), this mentor couple also complement each other very well: Paul has the experience, whereas Windy likes to take the lead. We are convinced that this enthusiastic duo will make sure their introduction kids will have the best time of their lives! 


Sven (Janse) and Noor
Despite having done 3 introweeks himself, this is the first introweek for Sven as a mentor. His partner, Noor, is aware that she has one extra kid in her group, because Sven can be quite a handful. Still, Sven is a Big Friendly Giant with whom you can have an awesome night. They first met each other very romantically: it involved a birthday girl, a table, and the tough decision which direction to puke in…just ask them about it in the introweek. Noor will make sure the kids will party hardy, without any casualties. We look forward to their date, for which Sven even asked permission from Noor’s boyfriend. How cute!


Marco and Sara
They say no one can stop soulmates from meeting each other. This is also the case for Marco and Sara: they both love fine wine, but no regular pasta is good enough to go along with that. That has to be a special kind too. Marco gives attention to health and is aware of situations (#woke). Sara is also very responsible and plans everything to the max. They both give so much attention to detail, their kids are going to be spoiled. While being in The Netherlands, Marco learned a lot of new words, but he has one favourite. Their kids won’t be so innocent anymore after hearing this word in the introduction week…


Sven (van Gelderen) and Thijs
If there is one motto that Thijs would tattoo on his arm, it would be that ‘the best always comes last’. Our lovely Thijs has a different perception of time. Nevertheless, when he arrives (eventually) he always gets the party started. One thing Thijs and Sven share is that they both love talking. If you ever want to talk about anything, anywhere, just search for this couple. Sven is doing a boardyear at the moment, so he thinks he knows a lot about rules. Thijs, on the other hand, sometimes forgets the rules in the heat of the moment. Let’s hope all will go well this time around!


Yente and Mirte

When Yente and Mirte first met each other in the Gyrinus Room, it was love at first sight. Or sound, since they both have a ‘zachte g’ and immediately bonded over it. Apart from their shared Limburgish background, these powerwomen have a lot of other things in common as well: they both study Medicine and they both love Carnaval and beer. When asked in what way they differ, they said Yente can be a bit more wild, but then again Mirte keeps her grounded. However, if you do want to see Mirte go crazy too, just give her some Goldstrike and you’ll have fun in no time! 


Ingrid and Derk-Jan
Ingrid and Derk-Jan met each other at Thuishaven where Derk wished Ingrid a happy birthday. Derk then suggested having a drink together someday, but they never got the chance to do that. Despite this rough start in their relationship, they have at least one thing to bond over: their obsession with Paul. Even worse than losing Paul, would be, for example, to lose your coat, which is something Ingrid is very good at. If Ingrid starts losing kids as well, Derk says he will get rid of her. (Which is a joke, obviously.) All jokes aside though, this couple might say they feel like opposites, but luckily we all know opposites attract… 😉


Jos and Jurriaan

Jos and Jurriaan were apparently such a great mentor couple last year, that they are coupled for this year’s introweek again. When asked what could go better this time, Jos said she hopes Jurriaan won’t smoke with the kids, because she thinks it’s gross. According to Jurriaan, Jos can be a bit loud and is not the strongest at organisation. In fact, Jos was Jurriaan’s mum in his introduction week, and he said he sometimes felt like the third parent… Fortunately, Jos has gained a lot more experience and both of them are known as true social butterflies, so their kids will have a great time! 


Joram and Stella

Joram and Stella met each other through the Alcoholaat, which they are both a part of. Unsurprisingly, you will frequently find them both spending their whole income on beer. Within this duo, Stella forms the stable factor: she is the only one who actually has a spine. Joram probably lost his after a certain incident with a table. Speaking of which, if you ever get injured, you should be safe with Joram as doctor-to-be. Other positive things that this couple brings to the table (pun not intended…or just maybe): they are very good at entertaining people, so the introduction week will certainly be a blast with them! 


Britt and Maarten

Our lovely couple Britt and Maarten have both come far from the south of the Netherlands to study in Amsterdam. They will be leading one of the Biology groups, which is perfect, because they are both Biology students/fanatics themselves. Britt is characterized as super enthusiastic and energetic, whereas Maarten is more laid-back, but always in for a chat. Maarten has already experienced multiple introduction weeks, while Britt voluntarily works as a scouting group leader in her spare time. Therefore, we are sure they will have no problems at arranging the best introduction week for their kids! 


Bruce and Yaro

Bruce and Yaro met at their own introduction camp, but they did not really give each other a chance back then. However, they are now really good friends and are definitely up for guiding their own group of kids this introduction week. Bruce is our French mentor and like a real Frenchie: he loves wine. Although he is not proud of the fact that he doesn’t like beer… Luckily, Yaro loves beer and can teach Bruce a whole week long how to drink it. They are both very excited for the introduction camp, where they can hopefully have a second chance at having a great time together!


Iokasti and Timo
Timo likes playing Fifa and using it as a drinking game. Our Greek Iokasti also likes a drink (or 8) and doesn’t even need food to go along with it. Therefore, Iokasti will probably be the one having to keep their partner in check, but she doesn’t mind. This couple claims they are great at teamwork and will make sure everyone is having a good time. However, they can still learn from each other: Timo will teach Iokasti how to ride a bike, so she does not end up in the bushes. Iokasti, on her turn, will teach Timo the directions in Amsterdam. We can’t wait to see this lovely couple in action this introweek!


Joëlle and Aniek

Even though Joëlle and Aniek had never met each other until right before their interview, it was love at first sight. They even immediately decided on enjoying a drink together on the terrace after their interview! Speaking of which, Joëlle might get a little too tipsy and wake up randomly in a forest after a night out, but luckily Aniek is there to prevent this from happening in the introduction week. Aniek, on her turn, can sometimes get too stressed out in certain situations, but then fortunately Joëlle is there to tell her to relax and enjoy. The perfect balance!


Katie and Ece

One of our few 100% international couples is Katie and Ece. Katie is from Belarus and Ece from Turkey, meaning they not only probably have the highest summed alcohol tolerance out of all couples, they also have varied culture (and swear words) to introduce their kids with. Katie might at first seem very strict (who can blame her after living under a dictatorial regime) and Ece might be hard to reach because she is bad with technology, but you’re definitely in for a good time with them! Sidenote: Katie likes giving nicknames after vegetables/fruits, so if you ever get lost, just follow the voice shouting for broccoli. 


Lara and Nikki

Lara and Nikki met at the First Stelling Eve, but a fun fact is that they actually went to the same high school without even realising this until they became friends in uni. Lara has a fierce personality and says precisely what’s on her mind, but Nikki is the right partner and knows exactly how to deal with this. At least, when they are not playing Monopoly, because then things might escalate a little bit between them. Speaking of which, one of them is a really bad loser and might cheat to let their kids win games during the introweek… (we’re not telling who though #nosnitching)


Giovanni and Dani

Giovanni, with his Italian roots, and Dani, with her half English and half Mexican roots, form our other complete international mentor couple. They met in their first year of uni because Dani started bothering Gio until he finally gave her a chance. Their bond grew ever since and is still growing a lot; they even decided to go volunteer at a hospital in Tanzania together over the summer, how cool is that?! This may probably be the best mentor date ever, but will they also have the best introduction week? At least, if there is enough Tequila and wine (without ice cubes, otherwise Gio will be very disappointed), we’re sure this noble couple will be fine!


Rens and Linde

Rens and Linde are another example of a mentor couple that is composed of the perfect mix. Where Rens can be a bit chaotic, Linde is much more structured. However, Linde can also get worried too fast, whereas Rens is much more laid back and does not worry about many things at all; not even about keeping his backpack with him, for example. A fun fact about Rens and Linde is that neither of them actually studies Biomedical Sciences, however, they promised they would catch up on everything they should know to provide their kids with the information they need, truly proving their dedication! 


Marissa and Amber
Amber always comes well-prepared: she often brings along her first aid kit and makes clear schedules (#MVPofintroweek2020). Marissa, on the contrary, is more careless and talkative. This couple has known each other for over 9 years, so they know each other inside out. Marissa says Amber is like a plant: when low on energy, Marissa puts Amber in the shadows and gives her water, after which she is good to go. A fun fact about them is that, every year, they try to recreate a photo they took a couple of years ago. We can’t wait to take their group pictures in the introduction week as well!


Chrisa and Geoffrey

Geoffrey was casually swiping through Tinder during one of his lectures, when he suddenly noticed he found the girl sitting right in front of him. This girl happened to be Chrisa, the Greek goddess that he would soon get to know as the person that never knows where her next class is. Geoff is always there to save her and tell her where to go; a bit of a reflection of how things will probably go during the introduction week. Chrisa and Geoff have been through some crazy stuff together, so hold on tight, because you will be in for a crazy time with these two!


Tessa and Isa

This lovely mentor couple is truly built from a perfect mix. Tessa is experienced with introduction weeks and knows how to navigate through Amsterdam, in contrast to Isa, who still lives near Utrecht and is now a mentor for the first time. On the other hand, Isa is the more organized and punctual one, whereas Tessa can be a little chaotic. Although Isa was a bit frightened by the amount of kids that they might have together, she is sure she will make them all feel very welcome. Together with Tessa’s experience, this couple will definitely make sure their kids have an amazing introduction week!