August 22, 2016

Study Advisors

Besides having fantastic study accomodations the VU provides tutoring for your study. These so called ‘study advisors’ are able to help you with all your questions, remarks or difficult situations regarding your bachelors program. Think of questions about the option of having extra time on your exams due to your dyslexia, or general questions about attending extra courses.

You can contact the study advisor for questions about personal study supervision and study advice. You can also contact the study advisor for problems that influence the course of your study (personal problems, illness, study skills problems, study delay, ).
 – Educational adjustments
– Personal circumstances
– Stop your studies
– Studying with a functional disability or chronic illness
– Binding study advice (BSA)
– Study delay
– Study progress
– Top performance
 Making an appointment is easy and can be done via VUnet. Don’t be afraid to step by, they’re there to help you!
 The available study advisors for the studies Biology and Biomedical Sciences are:
– Hella Snoeren (WN-P354), +31205989687,
– Ellen Sontag (WN-P362), +31205985937,
– Nienke Kruithof (WN-P362), +31205987012,
– Janine Verdonk (WN-P354), +31205983637,
 The study advisors also organise weekly walk-in sessions:
Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:00-13:00 (WN-P362)
Thursday and Friday from 12:00-13:00 (WN-P354)