June 14, 2016

The Schedule (Wednesday 22nd until Tuesday 28th of August)

This page will show the complete schedule for the Introduction Days of bachelor students Biomedical Sciences and Biology as it becomes known to us. When signing up for the Introduction Days, you will also have the option to sign up for the Introduction Camp (starting on wednesday 28th August) which will cost €45,-. The camp and many activities are organised by study association Gyrinus natans specifically for bachelor students Biomedical sciences and Biology. We can therefore promise that they are awesome.

Information about the scedule of the VU introduction days can be found here (dutch link).


Wednesday Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday
Morning Central welcome


Amsterdam City Trip Uilenstede Olympics Gyrinusday*

VU Tour

Afternoon Information Market

Discover the VU

Studytour Faculty Day
Evening Dinner with student associations*

Pub Crawl*

Gyrinus Party*

Fine Dining*


Melkweg Party*

Dinner and chill @Uilenstede*

Uilenstede party @Il Caffè*

Fine Dining*

Gyrinus Party*

Campus Closing session

Final Party

*These activities are organized specifically for Bachelor students Biomedical sciences and Biology by study association Gyrinus natans

If you have any questions about the schedule, feel free to mail us at introduxie@gyrinus.nl.