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The mediateam – VU Introduction Days 2021
July 21, 2021

The mediateam

Hello, we are the mediateam! We are and will be responsible for taking any pictures and videos prior to and during the introduction week and camp. We are also the ones currently maintaining the Instagram page. Let’s introduce ourselves.

Let’s begin with Akash, a tiny guy with lots of love for tiny drinks (e.g. shots). He likes making loads of snaps of his adventures while going out. But, making snapchats of his drunk kids was not enough, he wanted to give everybody a chance of going on the picture with him while doing shots. As a result he took on the brave task to become mediateam this year. Will he battle his way through the crowd and reach the bar to do shots with you? Stay tuned, because we will find out in August…

The second half of the mediateam is formed by Eline, who has been a mentor for 3 years before taking on this new adventure. Eline loves socializing, making this her dream function in the introduction days, as she can now spread her attention over more than just one group of kids. Just know that as long as you do not give Eline any tequila or too much coffee, she’ll be at your service to take your best pictures 24/7!

Even though we are probably the smallest mediateam in the history of introduction days, we have very big personalities and you should not underestimate our capabilities to capture the best moments. Also, please don’t be shy in front of the camera, because you will want to remember these days for the rest of your lives, so even better when you have some pictures to reminisce on!