July 21, 2021

The Introduxie

Helllooo partypeople! It’s us, the Introduxie of Gyrinus natans. We have worked our balls and tits off to prepare the most amazing week of your life for you. During this week you will get to know the university, Amsterdam and most importantly new friends. We will be there for you whenever you need us so don’t hesitate to contact us. Now it’s time to introduce these models:

First we have Silke ‘trasherer’ van Buuren. If you see someone twerking on the dancefloor it must be her. But don’t be mistaken because she is a golden woman of wealth and that’s why she is in charge of our money this year. 

Then we have Suus ‘Suzanne Suzza Sos’ Bos. If you ever get a weird email from a stalker it must be her. And don’t be shocked if you see her wandering the halls, she probably lost something. That’s why we remind her with love to email you guys every once in a while. 

Then we have Lau ‘oh nice’ Ligthart. As our Curlyhairchair she makes sure we all get our shit done. She’s our mother lion in our journey through the wild safari of Introduction. 

Owen ‘no cap’ van Es. He is one of the mentor trainers that has to keep the spirits of the mentors up even though he’s probably hung-over. He’s the one that has to make sure that the mentors are responsible and ready for their time as a parent. 

Yael ‘nicer than she looks’ Kwakman. Please guys don’t be scared of her. She is the other mentor trainer and has done everything she can to make the mentors grow up as fast as possible. If you’re looking for beer, she got it! 

On behalf of the Introduxie we wish you the best time possible and are looking forward to meeting you! If you are looking for us, we’re probably crying in a bar. You can recognize us by our ugly neon orange jackets and vests. 

Much Love, Muchos Lovos, Vielen Lieben, Veel Lof, Dikke pakkert, Πολύ αγάπη


Laura, Silke, Suus, Yael and Owen