June 27, 2020


Below you’ll find some of our amazing committees. You can sign up by sending them an email (see email adresses below) in which you shortly introduce yourself and let them know you want to be part of their committee.



The Actcie organizes and promotes all kinds of different activities that focus on volunteering. Our signature activity is Cooking for the Homeless. Every month we cook in a small group of five people for 45 to 50 homeless people from Amsterdam on the Marnixstraat at the Stoelenproject.




The Alcoholaat is the largest committee of Gyrinus natans. This committee ensures that the ‘borrels’, or social drinks, of the association are always a success. In addition to the regular weekly borrels, the Alcoholaat also offers special borrels with a theme.




We are the Career Day Committee! A small group of now 8 driven people (which really started with 2 people who set up the entire event) with a big task. We are concerned with your future! Every year we set up the Life Sciences career day so that you can find your future employer there. We contact the participating companies, we take care of promotion, look at other career days to see how they approach it and thus establish the largest career market of the Faculty of Science every year!




As the name of the committee indicates, the Excurcie organize excursions. The annual Bird Excursion for example, where we go under the guidance of two or three experienced bird watchers into the nature around Amsterdam in search of rare birds. But our activities are not limited to just excursions. We also organize activities like a Whiskey tasting. The activities that we organize are therefore varied. Sometimes educational, sometimes challenging, but always great fun!




As the Feestcie we have the honour to organize a party twice a year for the real Gyrini and all the fantastic people who come along. We try to invent a crazy theme every time, whereby everyone can dress as original and sexy as possible. We also provide hip changing locations in Amsterdam, so that everyone can show their crazy dance moves while enjoying a real Gyrinus DJ. Everything to make it a fantastic evening. In addition to the parties that we hold, the Feestcie also organizes the Christmas dinner once a year.




Once every two years, the Galacie organizes the gala of your dreams. The ladies put on their beuatiful gowns and the men will look handsome in their neat suits. There will be music, there will be drinks and there will be an amazing ambiance that can only be achieved by being on the amazing location we have arranged and being with your friends and fellow Gyrini. Are you interested in organizing this amazing night? Sign up for the Galacie!




The ITcie, which would be called the full Information-technical committee, maintains the digital facilities and website of our beautiful association. The members of the ITcie have knowledge of computers and related matters and/or a desire to get more knowledge of this, and we know how to find a solution for every digital problem!




Every year, Gyrinus goes on a trip. Not once, but twice a year! The first trip is around November, this trip, we’ll go with a big group of Gyrini on Biocamp. It is fun for everyone who want to party with his fellow students for a whole weekend! Biocamp will take place in the Netherlands, every year a different place. During this trip, the Kampcie organises a fun activity, but Biocamp is mainly for people who want to rest and party after the first period of studying at the VU. The second trip is usually around May, this trip is called the city trip. The Kampcie ensures that you can enjoy the culture of a city during the day, but you can still party during the night. Of course, this trip does not take place in de Netherlands, but somewhere in Europe. City trip brings many experiences with you, so you really do not want to stay here in our little country.




The Mediacie is a committee that deals with the writing and making of the Natator. The Natator is the association magazine of Gyrinus. Four times a year, the Mediacie brings out the Natator, and there are various things to read and do. The Natator always consists of a few standard parts. You can always read how your coming month will elapse in the horoscope, which committees within Gyrinus can cook the best (including recipes). There are always enough fun puzzles to make and to solve riddles. The Mediacie consists of two subcommittees, the Lay-outcie and the Mediacie members who write the pieces. The Layout is mainly concerned with the design of the Natator. They do this in illustrator. The members who write the pieces do this themselves or let others do this for them, for example externals.




Ever since 2007 the educations committee has been responsible for organising education related activities like for instance, beetle-lectures, visits to companies, debates, speed dates between bachelor- and master-students, and student-lectures.




The Spelcie organize several games at Gyrinus Natans. At the beginning of the year, the Stef stuntpiloot tournament is very popular. Around February it is time again for the Liftcie. This subcommittee organizes the hitchhike contest. You have to hitchhike to a location as quickly as possible (in teams). We always have fantastic prizes for all winners.




Of all commissions, Sportcie has the best condition and, as you expect, is involved in all sorts of sporting events. For instance the commission tournament, where we compete in volleyball and basketball against all the other commissions. We also organize a dodgeball event and of course participate in the Batavierenrace. This way we ensure that, in addition to all parties, drinks and meals, our bellies stay in proportion! Besides that it’s also very nice to work out with your fellow students.




The study trip committee is a fairly new committee of Gyrinus. Last January (2017) we organized the first study trip since a very long time and due to its great success, we have already started organizing the study for next year!

Despite the fact that our committee mostly consists of women, our only man Michiel still enjoys working with us. Our preparations for the study trip include: looking for fun cities to visit and approaching interesting companies, organizations or universities to visit during the trip. Of course we also take care of the travel scheme, finding places to sleep and a fun programme besides the companies we visit.

Would you like to help us with organizing the next study trip? Or would you like to find out more about the committee or the next study trip? Send us an email!




The TechniCie, the full name being the technical commission of Gyrinus Natans, has managed the equipment on events by Gyrinus and by others since the beginning. Creating the right vibe using both sound and visuals is our members’ forte. We also support other associations at the VU with both materials and expertise.




This committee organises a ski-trip once a year. These days consist of skiing (of course), drinking and a lot of fun!